"As life journey begins, our each journey will face bitter sweet experiance.
And each experiance are colored in black, white, yellow and gold.
We strive hard, with honesty and integrity.
To be a phenomenon 'YOUR HALAL CARRIER.' "

"Pahit maung, getir dilalui.
"Setiap yang manis pahit ditempuhi.
Itulah pengalaman yang membuat sampai disini.
Sinonim hitam, putih, kuning, emas.
Untuk menjadi sebuah fenomena 'YOUR HALAL CARRIER.' "

- Mr. AK, CEO / Founder

Our Services

We have four divisions at our disposal; AK World Management Services, AK Laboratoire Marketing, AK Transportation Ventures and AK Ideas Boutique. Different divisions have different types of servicies. Check out the link on top to learn more.

AK World Management Services

Provide security guard, business consultation, and IT handyman.

AK Laboratoire Marketing

Marketing products that involved.

AK Ideas Boutique

Design and produce various beautiful different kinds of scarf.

AK Transportation Ventures

Transporting light and heavy duty goods.

AK Gold Multimedia

Building multimedia content.


Our Features

Integrity in business.

We are passionate in gaining trust from our client, and our integrity as a key in order to achieve the invaluable confidence from our client to us.

Committed to a cause.

We strive in commiting ourself for making our client happy with our service by doing fast and reliable wok for our client.

Ultimate Frequency

The fact possitive frequency will improvise for us to succeded for incoming future.

Money makes more money.

We attract positive wave to create more opportunities and to growth for a better future.

Our Respective Customer: