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AK Goldmine seeks to create and promote better service quality in various sectors. We strive to grow our business with the same honesty and integrity that suits the company’s name.

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We provide high trained bodyguard and security and VVIP usher for event either publicly or privately. We also do event management such as wedding, sports, ect. for both public and private sector. If you require business consultant, look no further as we it provide it as well. Do you like our website? Do you require handyman in multimedia for your event? We have website developer, cameraman, and video editor. It is our founder's dream to make a commersial video fr Petronas in the future. Check out our portfolio. under Security tab and Multimedia on our latest event work.
We do small trading and small export venture in product, currently for nature herbs.
Fashion is always revolving, and everyone wants to look good. In AK Goldmine, image is our priority. AK Ideas Boutique keeps up to date with fashion designing by our aspiring fashion designer for both men and women. We currently design for muslimah outfit, mainly tudung (scarf). Check out our portfolio under Boutique tab to view some of the design that has been created.
High and low; the land, the sky and the sea, we will conquer them all in quest of delivering goods to our client and customer. Running out of food in your house but too lazy to drive or do not want to hassle yourself with traffic jam and no parking space? We got it cover for you as we have food and beverage delivery at your service. Since the early establishment, we have gain trust from various clients, so we also do logistic to transport various goods and deliver all over Malaysia, whether small or heavy duty load. We deliver letters too!
We believe that the best way for the audience to receive a message is to make it interesting by being entertaining and/or informative. That way there's something for people to talk about. We work closely with our clients to create and deliver the messaging that you want. Whether it's for an instructional video, a product demonstration, or brand awareness, you'll always be a part of the creative process. We also develop websites and mobile apps, as well as system and IT consultant if you need some help, especially not everyone is a tech savy.

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Our Team

Sharul Yahya

CEO / Founder / BOD AK World Management Services


BOD AK Transportation Ventures

Mas Zatul

BOD AK Laboratoire

Mas Nurain

BOD AK Ideas Boutique


BOD AK Gold Multimedia / Chief Technology Officer


Financial Consultant

Hakim Musa

Legal Consultant


Event Manager


Production Manager


Lead Developer


Lead Developer